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have you ever felt like you have no purpose in this world except to be walked on and disrespected by others?  how am I getting snapped at and dismissed by a girl that has 2 kids but can sleep through them screaming and crying at her and to the point where her 3 yr old puts on a diaper rather than go to the potty because her little brother cries every time she leaves his side, a girl that supposedly makes all this money but never has anything paid that she says she will and acts surprised when the bill collectors start banging on the door and blowing up everyone's phones, who is there for and would give her friends and strangers the shirt off her back her time or her last dollar but when her mother and sister are both extremely ill as well as her kids and her nephew yeah she takes off work to go spend time with her bf instead at home helping.  or getting snapped on by a boy that doesn't contribute to the household a damn bit unless he thinks it will benefit him or he'll call it a loan, smokes $6/pk cigarettes and goes through 2-3 pks a day and takes off whenever he wants burnin gas like there's no tomorrow but he never has any money, can't even help by taking out the trash or fixing the shit that's broke around the house.  so they walk on me, confirm in my mind that they'd never truly have my back, and i just let them cuz i can't afford to move my son and myself out of the situation (not that it would matter because they'd just do it to me at my own place).  i'm tired of always being broke i'm tired of worrying about school when i'm home and home when i'm at school. fml

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